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Fan Expo, PAX 2010

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Hey folks!

Fan Expo Canada just wrapped up.. some local friends including LongBow Games and a few HandEye Society members had their games on display (maybe we should have done that too!! Next year?). We participated on a panel about the local Toronto game industry along with some other Toronto-based developers, which was interesting. Also interesting: Lots of people dressed up as Storm-Troopers, Jedi, Star-Fleet Officers, Ghostbusters, Anime Characters, Zombies, etc.

Even bigger news: We will be at PAX 2010 this coming week, showing a demo of Tales from Space: About a Blob on the show floor! We’re pretty excited about it. Although I don’t want to reveal exactly what we’ll be showing, I will at least say that we’re planning some schwag give-aways. If you’re lucky enough to be in Seattle for PAX please come check out our booth: #3804 (near EA).

.. and last but not least, a *second* DrinkBox employee does a review-on-the-run for the Electric Playground! This time it’s Designer Chris McQuinn with his take on Starcraft 2. Enjoy!