Hello, Do I Know You?

Following on Graham’s post, I thought it might be interesting to show various screenshots and images from Tales from Space: About a Blob over the game’s development. We’ve been working on the game in some form or another for quite a while, so looking at these pictures is like a stroll down memory lane for me.

The Concept

Early Concept Image for "About a Blob"

The image above is an early concept drawing for the game. The origin of the game’s art style is on display quite clearly, and I still really like the dangly-bits on the blob. This image reminds me of working in Graham’s apartment and watching the Colbert Report at lunch on his PVR.

Blob Art!

Early Implementation of the Blob

This one is a screenshot from an early tech demo video. The blob had no eyes and absorbed objects really slowly. He was able to climb up most obstacles with ease, but was really hard to control. By this time we had graduated to working in a dark basement office.


The Game Takes Shape

This screenshot is from one of the many sample levels we built before entering full production of the game. The look isn’t too far from where we are now, although there are still a lot of differences. The blob’s eyes at this time were very different, the blob was very bouncy, and style of the people was much simpler. We were still in the basement office at this time.


Close To Complete?

This is a very recent screenshot. One blob is using a special power, and the people are much more detailed. The final game will probably look a little different from this, but not too much. Now we’ve moved to an upstairs office with giant windows that let the sun bake us in the afternoon… how far we’ve come!


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  2. Diego says:

    From the looks of the game you will probably move to the penthouse soon. 😉

  3. Michael says:

    Looking good guys! I really like the “hypno-wave” effect you got going on for the Blob’s special power.