Updates and Shout-outs

Hey everyone,

We’ve announced our participation in the SCEA Pub Fund program!  The official Press Release is available here.  We’re pretty happy to be a part of the program.

Also, we’ve received some great media coverage lately.  Highlights include:

  • Chris “Harveytime” Harvey’s recent PlayStation Blog post.  “Hello delicious humans!”.
  • An Electric Playground TV segment about our studio and the game (airing this weekend on G4, Monday on CityTV!)
  • New articles on Joystiq, DIYGamer and Co-Optimus

I also wanted to send a shout-out to Fire Hose Games.  We met up with the Fire Hose guys at both PAX and E3, and a few of us had a chance to try their game Slam Bolt Scrappers at PAX.  It was a fun, hectic experience .. a fast-paced puzzle game that mixes building and brawling (check it out here).  Like us, Fire Hose will be releasing their game as a PSN exclusive early next year.

.. and that’s it for now!  More to come soon.

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    Blob for Mayor!