Mustachioed Game Developers

For the month of November, a some of the Drinkbox crew thought it might be fun to experiment with their facial hair in support of the Movember effort.

We didn’t strictly follow the Movember rules, as some of us were forbidden by significant others from growing just a┬ámustache.

Chris McQuinn stuck closest with the official rules, going with a traditional mustache. By the end of the month he had made it all the way through the “creepy sexual predator” stage, and looked quite suave and sophisticated.

Chris Stewart grew a full beard, and ended the month looking somewhat like a lumberjack.

My beard was mostly red for some reason, and went from being a complete mess, to looking quite tidy in the end.

On the way off, my beard made a brief stop at the handlebar mustache stage. I think I could actually pull this look off!

Ryan, as usual, sports a beard to be envious of

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  1. Nitai says:

    Graham, that’s a nice Morgan Spurlock you’ve got going there!