Yes you read right! Everyone knows about the awesome puzzles, cool art style and internet meme references across the game, but only a few people know that the DrinkBox team is also scattered across the levels!

Ryan MacLean A.K.A "The Dude"

Alex Smithers - The 'Goop' Factor

Graham Smith, Gaming Virtuoso

Chris "HarveyTime" Harvey

with Chris Stewart as the Lumberjack

Mayuran Thurairatnam is the "Sri Lankan Stud"

Chris "What are you guys up to?" McQuinn

(Blue)Shel-don Laframboise

Steph "Omelet" Goulet

and yours truly, Augusto Quijano

I had soooo much fun doing art for this game (the art style rocks!), especially when the art department is 2 people (Steph and me) because you get to do a lot of (stressful) exhilirating things. One of such tasks was designing odd-looking characters to populate the levels, and I didn’t need to look far for those…
The characters are built and animated in Flash. First I did a couple of generic templates with the animations and then started to do variations on that design (mainly color and face shape) so a couple of pulls & pushes to the vectors and boom! you get a DrinkBox Dev… or a random hill billy (it’s a fine line).

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