Drinkbox Press Mentionings – Week 1 Wrapup

Hi all, Graham here.

With the game being released to PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, reviews have started to come in for the game and they are pretty positive overall!

PSN Stores 5/5

That Gamer Hub 4/5


PS3 Attitude

GameRant 4/5

Gamercast 4/5


PS3 Center 8.3/10

ScrawlFx 8/10

1UP or Poison

PSNation scores the game “A-” in their latest podcast (Episode 201) at around the 2h 7m mark (but listen to the whole thing!)

Also, Ryan’s appearance on Electric Playground hasĀ appearedĀ online here, and Mayuran had a cameo on Reviews on the Run talking a bit about Red Dead Redemption.


  1. qwertz says:

    Is the demo PSN+ exclusive or will there be a general PSN release later?

  2. Graham Smith says:

    It will be available to everyone at the same time as the full game becomes available for purchase.

  3. […] will run you $14.99, though it looks like it may be worth it. We’ll let you know — keep your eyes peeled for a review […]

  4. twodogs257 says:

    Just downloaded and played y’alls game tonight. Awesome game for $14.99. Good work!!