Fan Expo, PAX 2010

Hey folks!

Fan Expo Canada just wrapped up.. some local friends including LongBow Games and a few HandEye Society members had their games on display (maybe we should have done that too!! Next year?). We participated on a panel about the local Toronto game industry along with some other Toronto-based developers, which was interesting. Also interesting: Lots of people dressed up as Storm-Troopers, Jedi, Star-Fleet Officers, Ghostbusters, Anime Characters, Zombies, etc.

Even bigger news: We will be at PAX 2010 this coming week, showing a demo of Tales from Space: About a Blob on the show floor! We’re pretty excited about it. Although I don’t want to reveal exactly what we’ll be showing, I will at least say that we’re planning some schwag give-aways. If you’re lucky enough to be in Seattle for PAX please come check out our booth: #3804 (near EA).

.. and last but not least, a *second* DrinkBox employee does a review-on-the-run for the Electric Playground! This time it’s Designer Chris McQuinn with his take on Starcraft 2. Enjoy!

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  1. Sara Hall says:


    So I played About a Blob at PAX yesterday. Quite the awesome platformer and this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for platformers. Keep up the great work guys and if you could, email me when the game comes out so I know to go pick it up! 😀