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Guacamelee Coast to Coast

Thursday, April 4th, 2013


What a busy couple of weeks.

Just before leaving on the least life-threatening PAX-related road trip in recent Drinkbox Studios history, news about Guacamelee was emerging from all corners of the internet. IGN did a preview (see below). Polygon highlighted Guacamelee’s Mexican theme. Destructoid called our game “Guacamazing.” (That’s not a word, Destructoid.) There was a playthrough filmed with Revision 3. And GamesRadar had trouble pronouncing the title of the game, not that I blame them.

At PAX East, a.k.a. Boston, the guys made a day of the dead altar, and dressed up in popular Mexican attire, wearing guayaberas and bandanas (I checked with Augusto to make sure Wikipedia was correct in saying it’s popular Mexican attire), and Destructoid honoured Guacamelee as a ‘Must Play!‘ Hooray!

road trip food

Back in Toronto we were keeping busy showing the game off at Long Winter 5, a local music/arts festival put together by the band ‘Effed’ Up. We had a blast, especially Augusto, showing off Guac and helping our local game dev friends show off their games.


The week after was GDC where we were nominated for Excellence in Visual Art at the 15th IGF awards. While we didn’t win (we lost to the effing beautiful Kentucky Route Zero), we did get to drink free booze and sit next to the Spec Ops: The Line guys. Here is photographic, and I use that term loosely, evidence of Drinkbox at the IGF/GDC awards.

Oh, and we announced the release date for Guacamelee, probably setting a world record for shortest amount of time between the announcement of the release date and the release date. The game will be released on April 9th in the Americas, April 10th in Europe, and will support Cross-Buy for $14.99. Cross-Buy means you buy the game once and get both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. There’s also a Platinum Trophy!

Jope YOU enjoy Guacamelee!

P.S. Muchas gracias to our PR team at VIM Global!


Guacamelee! Slams PS3, PS Vita April 9th

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Not much more needed to be said but that. Excitement doesn’t quite cover it. Guacamelee! arrives on PSN April 9th! Next week! Our newest trailer below.

Also – be sure to check out Graham’s post over at the Playstation Blog. He gets really depressed when no one reads what he has to say, so do it as a favour for us.