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Fantastic Fan Art

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Thanks everyone for playing Guacamelee and posting your art online! We’re so lucky to have an amazing bunch of fans. Be sure to click on the thumbnails below to see where each piece comes from.

Don’t forget about the Mutant Blob!

Be sure to send us your fan art via TwitterFacebook, or just tag your work on deviantART, tumblr, or wherever and we will find it.

Guacamelee Concept Pixel Art

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Around August 2011, it was decided our next game was going to be Guacamelee. Lead animator Augusto Quijano was tasked with drawing some concept art to help the team get an idea of how Guacamelee might look. See how many actual locations from the game you recognize (click to enlarge).







There was also some concept art for levels that never went into production.





Once we had a better idea of what the scope of our game would encompass, it was up to Augusto again to do some storyboarding.




Hope you enjoyed looking at these. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, where we will post the rest of the concept art. Also follow us on Twitter!

We’re Number Juan!

Friday, May 10th, 2013


Blue Demon Jr.

It has been one month since the release of Guacamelee and the official blogs from Playstation Europe and North America confirmed yesterday that Guacamelee is #1 on the PSN charts! Everybody here at Drinkbox is SUPER PUMPED. It’s a bit surreal seeing Guacamelee above Journey in the PlayStation Store charts. Well, maybe not that surreal, but we’d be lucky to be going as strong as Journey one year after its launch.

Highlights of the month:

Guacamelee got 9/10’s from IGNGameSpotDestructoid, and Polygon. And there’s pretty much universal praise for the game on the Guac PS3 and Vita Metacritic pages. Some reviewers criticized the game’s difficulty spikes, which is a fair knock.

Video-wise, we got a ‘BUY’ verdict from SourceFed, a glowing review from Reviews on the Run, and VintageBeef is currently doing a playthrough (with stellar voice acting).

Guacamelee was also at the centre of discussions about how other cultures are portrayed in video games. Over at VentureBeatKotaku, and TechNewsDaily, it seems that more people than not were satisfied with how we used Mexican culture in Guac.

One article in BuzzFeed pegged us as the next Lucas Arts.

And here are a few mixed reactions from our indie dev peers:


Thanks for all the love you all sent to us on Twitter, Facebook, and good old-fashioned email! And thanks for helping us get to #1!