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Thursday, July 4th, 2013

It’s Canada Day, and we wondered to ourselves,”What if we made a metroid-vania style platformer set in a magical Canadian inspired world?” That game, my friends, would be called…

guacamel_EH black

Steph came up with the title and logo

The game would feature a down on his luck Lumberjack named John Maplesyrup, who sets out to save the world when one of The Queen’s Corgis is kidnapped by an evil RCMP officer Skeleton named Carl Canucka.

canucka black

Carlos Canucka and John Maplesyrup named by David


The story takes place in and around the capital of Canada, Toronto (sorry Ottawa), and has the player travelling through alternate dimensions: “The World of the English” and “The World of  the French” on his quest to rescue one of those amazing dogs.

Naturally, a mysterious hockey mask in the middle of the city is revealed to John Maplesyrup and transforms him into a superhero hockey player. While hockey players are no strangers to fighting, platforming in skates might prove a bit more challenging.

pueblucho copy

I stole this from a hockey card…


How would you make Guacamel-EH! more Canadian?