Gamercamp + Guacamelee = Los Mejores Amigos

G is for Gamercamp… and Guacamelee!

We’re happy to share that Juan, our dashing luchador from Guacamelee!, is going to grace the cover of Gamercamp’s new magazine.  You might think a modest Mexicano agave farmer would shy away from the spotlight.  As it turns out, once Juan puts on his luchador mask, he’s capable of doing things he never thought he would do before, like beating up re-animated skeletons, entering different dimensions at will, posing for magazine covers, and turning into a rooster (to get to those hard-to-reach places).  All in the name of saving El Presidente’s daughter, of course.

For those not in the know, Gamercamp is a celebration of Toronto’s exciting game development scene.  It’s two days that are crammed with talks, workshops, and opportunities to play some of Toronto’s best indie games.  Our very own Chris Harvey will be one of the speakers this year.  He’s one of the founders of Drinkbox Studios and our resident technical guru/benevolent overlord.

Artist’s rendering of ‘The Harv’

Chris will touch on the creative process here at Drinkbox Studios as it relates to our past, present, and future endeavours.  But Chris is only one of the talented industry vets that will be in attendance speaking on topics such as programming, design, production, and so much more!  You can’t take a few steps without seeing someone who is doing/has done/will do something amazing.  That includes yourself if you happen to pass by a mirror.  I encourage you all to attend this year!

Also be sure to check out some of the events leading up to Gamercamp.  There’s a games night at Bento Miso on October 1st, a game writing workshop October 27th, and a Gamercamp social where Peter Chapman (@PeterChapmanEsq) will be among the performers.  Peter is a fantastic musician who has contributed a lot of music toward our games, About a Blob, Mutant Blobs Attack, and will be heard in Guacamelee.  Es un mundo pequeño después de todo!  Get yer butt to these events!

To wrap things up, muchos gracias to Gamercamp for picking Juan to be on the cover of their magazine.  And be sure to pick up a pass to this year’s Gamercamp whether you’re a developer, student, or just love games!


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