o  August 24th, 2011
Hello friends! We've just announced our new followup game to About a Blob, entitled Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. The game is targetting the Sony Vita around the North American launch date. Follow the development of the game at www.mutantblobsattack.com.
We'll be at PAX on the 6th floor showing the game off this weekend. If you're going to be there, make sure to stop by and say Hi, and pick up some cool Blob swag.
Also, be sure to follow us on twitter at @MutantBlob and @DrinkBoxStudios

  o  May 30th, 2011
Hello again everyone! Tales from Space: About a Blob is now available on PSN. We've been quite pleased with the critical reception: Highlights include a 9 / 10 from the Globe and Mail, an 8.5 / 10 from GameInformer and an 8 / 10 from IGN. For more Blob info please visit the game's offical blog at aboutablob.com.
We are now hard at work on a few new (secret) projects, getting ready to head down to LA for E3. Stay tuned for more info.

About a Blob Poster.  A DrinkBox Studios production.

  o  Jan 19th, 2011
Big news: A North American release date has been set for Tales from Space: About a Blob! The game will officially be released in North America on February 1st for PlayStation Plus users, with a more general PSN release to follow a week later on February 8th. See the About a Blob Blog for more info. Also: DrinkBox has been in the press lately! Recent features include articles in the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

  o  Sept 30th, 2010
In case you haven't heard: We had a great time showing Tales from Space: About a Blob recently at PAX in Seattle! We're working hard on the game, now aiming for an early 2011 release on PS3 via PSN. Head over to aboutablob.com for more Blob updates. Also: Check out our new Facebook fan page and Twitter feed!
In non-Blob news, we have a couple of exciting contract projects on the go and things are generally moving along well.

  o  June 11th, 2010
Major Blob Announcements!!!
- Official About a Blob game name extended to Tales from Space: About a Blob
- New Tales from Space: About a Blob website launched.
- The game is officially coming to the PlayStationŽ3 system, via the PlayStationŽNetwork! See the Press Release.
- Game Trailer released!
- The game will be on display at E3 in Sony's booth!
We're pretty excited. Obviously.

  o  May 12th, 2010
Hi everyone. Here's the latest:
- We have been awarded additional production funding for About a Blob through the OMDC's IDMF program! Production is well underway.
- We've moved to a bigger office (now with windows!). Address updated.
- We continue to work away on some exciting contract projects. In particular, we're very excited to be contributing to Capybara's upcoming Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes HD.
- We will be at E3 this year in Los Angeles. Should be a good time!

  o  March 15th, 2010
We're back from GDC! It was a great time this year - we met a lot of interesting people and saw some good talks. The indie presence in general, and the Toronto indie presence in particular, was definitely noticeable. We're hoping to be able to make some big announcements soon.. so stay tuned!

  o  January 26th, 2010
Things are rolling along (as usual). In addition to working away on some exciting contract projects we continue to push forward with development on About a Blob. DrinkBox will be attending both Game Connection @ GDC 2010 and PAX East 2010 in March (and we're looking forward to both events!). Also: Congrats to all of the 2010 IGF finalists! Although AaB was not selected as a finalist this year, we did receive some great feedback from the judges and may resubmit next year when the game is further along.

  o  November 4th, 2009
About a Blob, our first original title, has been submitted to the 2010 IGF (Along with roughly 300 other games.. Go indies!). Check out the complete list of entries here.

  o  November 3rd, 2009
DrinkBox Studios is pleased to announce a pair of new clients: Capyabara Games and Ganz. DrinkBox will offer technical consulting services to Capy and Ganz on a pair of as-yet- unannounced projects.

  o  September 14th, 2009
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ships today on all platforms! DrinkBox is happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to the development of such a great game and franchise.

  o  July 21, 2009
DrinkBox Studios has been awarded funding from Telefilm Canada for its original game project About a Blob. Congratulations to the other developers who have also received funding! The full press release can be viewed here on the Telefilm Canada website.

  o  May 1st, 2009
After a strong showing at GDC/Game-Connection in San Francisco, development on the About a Blob prototype continues. Also, new projects and clients added to the Services page.

  o  February 10th, 2009
We are pleased to announce that our original game project About a Blob has been awarded prototype funding from the Ontario Media Development Corporation. We would like to thank everyone involved, and look forward to sharing exciting news as the project progresses.

  o  January 13th, 2009
DrinkBox Studios has aquired Nintendo Wii and DS developer status, and is now a licensed developer on all current generation consoles!

  o  November 11th, 2008
DrinkBox is back from its first-ever Game Connection. We'd like to thank everyone involved in the Level-Up program - It was a great experience for our studio. Also: Address updated on the Contact page (A new, larger office!), Art Portfolio link added to Services page.

  o  October 1st, 2008
DrinkBox Studios to provide Xbox 360 network programming services on Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 www.unleashfusion.com.

  o  September 23rd, 2008
DrinkBox Studios announced as one of five winners of the 2008 Game Connection Level-Up program.

  o  September, 2008
DrinkBox hired to provide development services on a number of unannounced projects. Client list added to Services page. More information soon!

  o  July, 2008
DrinkBox Studios secures their first contract, working with another Toronto-area developer to create an upgraded state-of-the-art version of their existing PC-based arcade football title.

  o  April, 2008
DrinkBox Studios opens its doors! Website launched.