Indie Games Games a gogo

Hey everyone,

The 83rd Indie Games Games competition is coming up on us, and this time it’s at the beaches.  So stop what you’re doing and start getting ripped!

Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2011
Location:  Picnic Area 1 in Beaches, Toronto, On.
Time: 1:00PM –  5:00PM
Facebook Page: Yes
Facebook Link:
Ripped people allowed: NO

We’ve won the trophy every single year, and we plan on winning again (PROOF). So join only if you want to try and destroy a legacy.

Winners get a Cheesemaker Trophy.


  1. Graham Smith says:

    That’s a pretty sweet trophy if I do say so myself (and I do)

  2. High Templar of the Knights of Awesome says:

    You shall rue the day you dared challenge the might of the Knights of Awesome, Drinkbox! That trophy is ours!

  3. chrisM says:

    I once drank beer out of that trophy and found a dead rat.

    He was the real winner.