83rd Indie Games Games – THE RECAP

The second annual 83rd Indie Games Games took place on Saturday at the Beaches. It was a beautiful day for it!


4 Teams were on site to compete for the coveted Cheesemakers Trophy, as well as little mini-trophies for each of the events. The teams were from Silicon Knights (The Knights of Awesome), Phantom Compass (Bad Sports), Get Set Games (The MegaFriends), and the defending champions DrinkBox Studios (The Joystick Whisperers).


We started off with the “Angry Birds” event, where each team had to slingshot a tennis ball across a field.


DrinkBox was able to win this event by leveraging our great knowledge of physics (and also by watching the first two teams and learning from their mistakes)

Next up was “Donkey Kong”, where players had to use a banana on a string to move a ball across the field. This event is best shown in video form:

Donkey Kong Event

With a very close finish, Phantom Compass was able to squeeze out the win.

Next up, “Zelda” where players used a bow and arrow to shoot at hoops placed on the ground.


DrinkBox used some lucky bounces to their advantage, and also won this event.

The next event was the drink-box chugging competition, where groups competed to see who could finish their drink-box the fastest.There were multiple rounds, and winners from each team in this event.


Next was “Duck Hunt” where players had to shoot at targets (the mini-trophies) with a Nerf gun. Points were awarder for hitting a trophy, and bonus points for knocking one over.


Using their superior NERF skills, the Get Set Games team dominated this event knocking over several trophies.

Finally, we finished up the games with “Pong” (aka Badminton) where teams had to score points by rallying back and forth as many times as they could.


This event ended with a tie between Silicon Knights and DrinkBox Studios for second place (5 points each). So, to decide the scores for this event, the Shock Roulette was brought out.


It came down to Julian from Silicon Knights, vs Alex from DrinkBox, with Alex winning in the last round.

However, Phantom Compass won the Pong event rather handily (18 points), placing them into First Place in the overall games ranking. The final scores:


Congratulations to Phantom Compass! We’ll be gunning for you next year!


Super thanks to the volunteers who helped with all the setup, especially Kim, Patricia, Astrid, Terrance, Emmannuel, and Don! You guys are amazing.

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