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DrinkBox Enters the IGF with 2 Games!

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Hi everyone!

In case you missed it, the IGF entries were announced earlier this week, and DrinkBox has entered two games this year: Mutant Blobs Attack and Guacamelee! There were a record breaking number of entries this year (570!).

Some titles we are particularly excited about from friends of DrinkBox:

Chasing Aurora by Broken Rules is an awesome new game which we got a chance to play at PAX earlier this year. Super fun competitive multiplayer.

Go Home Dinosaurs by Fire Hose Games, a very cool tower defense style game from the makers of Slam Bolt Scrappers which we were also fortunate enough to try at PAX this year.

The already released I Have 1 Day, Villainous, and the upcoming Bullet Audyssey from Cellar Door Games are all fantastic games. Teddy Lee, one of the designers at DrinkBox, worked on these.

Retro/Grade by 24 Caret Games, our neighbours at PAX, are trying to get players to dust off their old Guitar Controllers for this new rhythm / shooter game.

The playable  Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure by Untold Entertainment, made in a weekend at a Toronto game jam, has captured our hearts.

Super T.I.M.E. Force by Capy is a mysterious new title from our Toronto neighbours that has a very cool art style, and allows players go back in time and mess with history to “make the world a better place for you and me”.

They Bleed Pixels by Spooky Squid Games and music from DJ Finish Him (aka Shaun Hatton) is a bloody action platformer with an awesome pixel art style.

And last but not least, Yeti (downloadable and playable from that link) by Metanet Software (of N and N+ fame) is an adventure game where you indirectly manipulate a Yeti, taking it out of it’s natural habitat and putting it into the bizarre world of humans.

Good luck to everyone!

An Intro, And Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Hey folks, my name’s David, and I’m a programmer here at Drinkbox. As my first blog post here, I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer some of the questions people always ask about the videogame industry, like: “How do you come up with a concept for a game”, “How do games get made?”, “What is a game?” and “Will my girlfriend and I stay together after we go to different provinces for college?”

To give you a little idea of how it all comes together, I’d thought I’d give you a peek behind the scenes of designing Mutant Blobs Attacks. I managed to sit in on a design meeting early in production, and I’ve uploaded a transcript for you here:

Ryan: Okay guys, now that we’ve got access to the Sony Vita platform, let’s brainstorm a few ideas for the About a Blob sequel: Mutant Blobs Attack. Who wants to go first? Teddy?
Teddy: What if we focus in on the platforming this time around? New levels, new challenges, and it’s all playable right in the palm of your hand
Chris: Sounds great! And we can use the touchscreen to manipulate the world as you explore, using all new Vita-specific powers.
Stephane: Plus, that Vita screen will really make the art pop
David: Especially the gleam of metal when the blob spits out razor blades!
Ryan: I’m sorry, did you say it should spit out razor blades?
David: I was thinking it would be totally sweet if you could roll up to townsfolk and be all “byoahh!” and they’re all “Aiiieee!”
Ryan: I feel like if we have the blob trying to murder people with razor blades, it’s going to be a lot darker than we’d like…

David: Pffft. Okay, well what if one of the new powers was you hold down a button to rev up his engine and fire salvos of rockets from his jetpack?
Chris: You know the main character is a blob, right? Not a robot?
David: Well obviously we’d explain how he became a robot in the backstory.
Teddy: That’s ridiculous! It doesn’t follow the story from Tales from Space: About a Blob. At all!
Ryan: Do you even work here? I have to be honest, I don’t recognize you.
David: Look, let’s not get all caught up on who works here, and who broke in through a window, using a resume tied around a brick, okay? What’s important is all these dynamite ideas! Speaking of which, the blob should also be able to shoot out old-timey sticks of dynamite.
Ryan: I see. Security!

There you have it – A fascinating early look into the world-building process here at Drinkbox Studios! Whoops, Ryan’s coming back to his desk. Gotta go!

Alpha.. and Guacamelee!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Quick MBA update: We’ve hit alpha! We have plenty left to do, but all in all I’d say things are moving along pretty well. Also, some major DrinkBox news: Yesterday we announced a new game called Guacamelee, in which you play a Mexican luchador named Juan Aguacate who can swap between parallel worlds (and turn into a chicken!?!). Check out the official Blog, or the Trailer.

It’s a FIRE SALE! About a Blob for $5.99

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011


Ok, this is a bit misleading. We had neither a fire, nor are we selling cows. BUT, you do get to EAT cows in Tales from Space: About a Blob, our original title for PSN. Most importantly it’s on sale for $5.99 and some ridiculously cheaper price for PSN Plus users. Now you have no excuse not to buy it.