Attitude problems


As I’m *sure* you’ve all noticed, our new protagonist in Mutant Blobs Attack has a rougher look, maybe even edgier – or spikier in the least. When designing levels I try to keep our new Blob in mind, and the theme that keeps on popping up is sarcastic, maybe a little mean, and certainly out for justice (did I just describe myself?).

Therefor, if I had to make a list of the characters who to me form new Blob’s attitude, it would be the following:

Casey Ryback: Under Siege

He can only tolerate injustice for so long before wooping ass



Statler and Waldorf: The Muppet Show

One of the best reasons to get old is being mean with impunity


Raphael: TMNT (TV Series)

What hurts more, his twin sai or biting commentary?

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