Install errors make babies cry



UPDATE: Sony Europe tells us that they are “in the process of refunding users” who ran into day 1 installation issues of Mutant Blobs Attack in Europe

Unfortunately, for *some* of those in Europe who installed yesterday or this morning (Feb 21st, 22nd) they might have run into an install error. If this is the case – you’ll have to contact your regional Sony customer support. Find your appropriate Sony support by:

– Go into the Store on your Vita

– Scroll to the bottom and click on “About Us”

– You’ll go to another screen, click on “About Us” again

– Here you should find information for the Consumer Services Department

Even though the issue was out of our hands, here at DrinkBox Studios we feel REALLY REALLY bad about this. Sad smile Hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience for you to play Mutant Blobs Attack .


  1. laurie says:

    You totally made my son’s 5th birthday. He is in love with the game already. Thank you for being awesome.

  2. cliffy says:

    would love to try it but i was a day one customer with error on download may just give in and buy again after hearing the reviews waiting on refund sucks ;(