Blushing with thanks



Just wanted to give a huge shout out to all the kind emails, twitters, hand written letters, tattoos, naming of children “Blob”, that we’ve received in just the last few days.


Below is a brief compilation of some of the reviews that have come in so far.

IGN 9/10 Greg Miller

The Varge: Vox Games 9/10 Justin McElroy

Push Square 9/10 Corbie Dillard

Game Informer 8.5/10 Bryan Vore

Kotaku YESSSSSS Kirk Hamilton

PSN Stores HellzYes Chris Kuspis

Playstation LifeStyle 8/10 Anthony Severino

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  1. Retro-Man says:

    I love this game! If this is any indication of what indie developers can do on the Vita, I look forward to a future full of innovative, astounding, and absolutely fun indie games!