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“Tales from Space : Mutant Blobs Attack” on Steam August 15th!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to get Tales from Space : Mutant Blobs Attack on Steam

Hello beautiful people, Drinkbox Studios here again. Hold on to your fedoras, because Mutant Blobs Attack is rolling its way on to Steam on August 15th 2012!


Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer that caused quite a positive commotion as a launch title for the PS Vita. The player takes on the role of an ornery mutant blob that, after being held captive in a lab, escapes into the world and sets out to eat its way to revenge, and perhaps a bit to freedom. But way more revenge.


Need more convincing? You would rather spend that money on a fancy sandwich? How about watching our NEW exclusive Steam teaser:

But wait!  Don’t tell me the Steam summer sale exhausted your desire for more games! Here are the top 5 reasons to get your blobby hands on a great 2D puzzle platformer this 15th of August.


#5 Safety : The sun outside is a nuclear reaction out to get you, let Mutant Blobs Attack be your reason to stay indoors.


#4 Destruction : Take out all your woes by gobbling up all of humanity


#3 Laughter : We apologize in advance for the sheer number of corny puns


#2 Look Smart : Impress your friends with your brilliance in solving the world’s toughest problems – conveniently only located in our game


#1 Good Looking : How does a one eyed spikey haired angry jello not look dead sexy?