SCEA Vita Patch Released! Youpi! Arriba!

Hola and Bienvenue!

We’re happy to announce that the North American patch for Mutant Blobs Attack on the Playstation Vita was released on Friday (finally!). The European Vita patch went out a while ago, so now both regions have their blobs up to date.

What’s new? Well sir, for one thing, Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack now offers full in-game support for French and Spanish (or is that two things?). So feel free to throw away your French-English and Spanish-English dictionaries as they have outgrown their usefulness.

Also, we made a bunch of little art, design, and code tweaks. There were issues with the blob shrinking when backtracking in certain areas, friend tokens getting stuck in walls, and countries displaying incorrectly in leaderboards. Now the blob only gets bigger, friend tokens are unstickable, and the leaderboard is gussied up, among a bunch of other minor fixes.

Thanks for playing Mutant Blobs Attack! And for those who still haven’t tried it, enjoy!






  1. JeffsonP_US says:

    Hi, downloaded yesterday. But I noticed that the “Level Complete” show in the end of bust-a-blob stages is different and “strange”. I mean, they show like the other levels and not like the stage art, making at t look qute strange.

  2. Nebes says:

    Will there be any DLC? I’m a big fan of the game and would like more 🙂

  3. matthewj says:

    @JeffsonP_US: Thanks for pointing this out! Hopefully we can address this if/when we release another patch.

    @Nebes: Glad you enjoy the game! We don’t have any DLC plans at the moment, but we may do something in the future. Currently everyone is working really hard on Guacamelee!