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Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

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Mutant Blobs Attack on PS3 & X360 | Power Hat

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


Two years ago, we released Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack for the PlayStation Vita to great critical and fan acclaim. Last year, we did nothing Blob-related and shipped some wrestling game. This year, we’ve been working on ways to make the experience bigger and better for customers who want Mutant Blobs Attack in the living-room. Soon, we’ll be adding you to our design process, so that you can help us shape the future of how Mutant Blobs do their Attacking.

Power Hat

A powerful new category of actual reality headheld controllers is on the horizon for the previous generation of next-gen platforms.

The Power Hat prototype, developed under the codename ‘Project DrinkBoculus‘, is a DualShock 3 controller lashed to the top of a bike helmet with little bungee cords. Today, we are happy to announce the Power Hat offers full compatibility with 18% of Mutant Blobs Attack and 100% partial compatibility. (We’re still working on a Power Hat for the 360, but we’re unable to get the motion sensor in the 360 controller to work for some reason.)

We have also created a prototype commercial for our prototype, filmed under the codename: Project DrinkBoculus Commercial.

Follow these links for more key Power Hat features: link1, link2, link3

Join the #PowerHat Revolution

There is no hat that fits all heads. We want you to make a headheld controller that fits your skull, so we need you to make it yourself. Join our Power Hat hardware beta and help us shape a new generation of Mutant Blobs Attack players.

Here’s how to participate:

1. Get a DualShock 3 controller

2. Find a way to stick it onto your head.

3. Tweet us your results @DrinkBoxStudios #powerhat

Winner will receive a prize of 10 MBA codes to giveaway to their friends and enemies.

We love the Power Hat, it’s so good. We hope you love it too.


 Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is $7.99 on PS3/Vita/Xbox 360. Already own the game on the Vita? You can get the PS3 version for $3.99. Also, check out the Delicious Bundle on PSN if you wanna snag the soundtrack and graphical themes for $11.49. The soundtrack was done by Peter Chapman who also worked with us on Guacamelee! All prices are discounted 10% for PS+ subs for one week.

<3 DrinkBox Studios

Mutant Blobs Steam Trading Cards are LIVE

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

We’re happy to announce Mutant Blobs Attack Trading Cards are now live on Steam! Check out this nifty infographic for more detail around the cards and rewards.


Steam Update, Trading Cards, 75% off Sale

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Hello again, internet.

Mutant Blobs Attack is 75% off on Steam RIGHT NOW as part of the Steam Summer Sale!! If you haven’t tried the game out yet, now would be a good time.

Also: Since our last post, we’ve put some work into upgrading the way Telekinesis works on a gamepad. Many of these changes were motivated by feedback received over the past few months from playtesters (e.g. at the GDC Play event mentioned in our last blog post).

Some specific updates:
– A new highlighting system that shows players which Telekinesis control point is currently in focus.
– Changes to allow players to cycle through visible control points using the gamepad’s shoulder buttons (instead of a face button).
– A new green arrow indicator to show how telekinesis-platforms are being pulled around/manipulated.
Game 2013-07-19 10-21-27-35

Finally: We recently announced that Steam Trading Cards are coming soon to Mutant Blobs! Earn these virtual collectibles just by playing Mutant Blobs Attack on Steam. Collect 8 cards to unlock Blob-related emoticons and backgrounds … because sometimes a crushed hipster juice beer can emoticon says more than words ever could.


If you buy the game on sale now, and then sell cards you earn later, you might even be able to turn a profit!


GDC Play and a Dapper Livestream

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Howdy All,

We’ve all been hard at work  on Guacamelee! here at Drinkbox, so please excuse our absence from the Mutant Blobs Attack blog page. Twitter is so much less work! Onwards to future blob news.

Ryan MacLean will be showing Mutant Blobs at GDC in San Francisco as a part of GDC Play from 1pm to 4pm on Tuesday, March 26th in the OMDC area. Try the new control scheme we’ve implemented for the PC version, say hi to Ryan (he’s a nice guy), then check out the rest of the amazing talent Ontario, Canada has to offer.

We’re also excited to be showing off Guacamelee! at the Independent Games Festival Pavilion in Moscone South from 10am to 6pm Wednesday to Thursday and 10am to 3pm on Friday of GDC week. For those not in the know, Guacamelee! was selected as a finalist for Excellence in Visual Art at this year’s IGF.

And in past blob news, Matt McKnight, a.k.a. LethalFrag, played Mutant Blobs Attack during day 382 of his 2 year livestream challenge. We’re honoured to be a part of your journey, Frag. Best of luck the rest of the way!

A Very Dapper Playthrough PT 1

A Very Dapper Playthrough PT 2

Fun Fact: LethalFrag has elected to not shave his beard for the duration of the challenge.

Not-so-fun Fact: Rosie, LethalFrag’s ferret pictured below, is not horse-sized.

FULL Controller Support for Mutant Blobs Attack on Steam

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Throw your mouse out the window right now because Mutant Blobs Attack is now has FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT on PC. A lot of Steam players have asked for the ability to play through the whole game with just a gamepad (no mouse), and we’ve been listening… so, enjoy!

Incidentally, if you’re in the Toronto area you can check out DJ Finish Him, a.k.a. MegaShaun, play some tunes  at this event on Friday. He wrote the awesome credits song for our game and did the soundtrack for They Bleed Pixels. Unconfirmed sources on twitter report a high probability of melted faces.

Mayan Blobs Attack!

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Greetings fellow doomsday survivors!

Wow! What a year it has been! Way back in February, we pushed Mutant Blobs Attack out of our office and into your Playstation Vita. It received a tremendous reception as a console launch title. The metacritic gods were kind to us as we were consistently number two on the list for best games on the system early on in the year. The game also got consistently positive user reviews, so thanks guys!

All your community support and love made people stop and notice these Toronto indie devs. Thanks to you, we won IGN’s People’s Choice for Best Playstation Vita Network Game and gave the Besties Podcast over at Polygon a solid run for their ‘Sweet Sixteen‘ (we wound up doing better than Diablo 3). We were also nominated for GamesRadar’s Handheld of the Year, wound up on Game Informer’s Top 50 Games Of 2012, and won Best Handheld Game over at Digital Trends.

Blob Tats

So thanks for buying, playing, and expressing how much you enjoyed Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack! It really means a lot to us! Aaaand if you don’t have a Vita, you can get it on Steam for $1.99 during the winter sale.

Here’s to an even better 2013!


Free Blobs for PS+ Subscribers!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Hello from the future!

I’m on a special top secret assignment from Drinkbox Studios that requires me to live 5 days ahead of everyone else. So for me, right now the date is Monday, November 19th, and, man, do I have great news. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was amazing! Well worth the wait. I can’t believe that thing with Edward though, what a bummer.

So, by now you’ve probably heard that PlayStation Plus is coming to the Vita. I can confirm that this is true, time travelers honour. In case you missed out on the details, PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America will be able add Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack to their Playstation Vita game library for free on the 19th, European subscribers will be able to do so on the 21st. Not only will PS+ subscribers get Mutant Blobs Attack, you’ll also get a whackload of other cool games and discounts and exclusives. You should check PlayStation Plus out for yourself if you haven’t already.

As for me, I’ve got to hop on my hoverboard and get to Jodie Foster’s birthday party. Peace out!

Steam Hallowe’en Sale: Mutant Blobs 50% off!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Oh my Gooooooooooooooooooood, you guys!

This year during the Steam Hallowe’en Sale, you can get Mutant Blobs Attack for half off the usual price. That’s amounts to pennies – three hundred and ninety nine pennies to be exact. The sale starts TODAY and ends on November the 1st. That isn’t much time!


Toronto After Darkcade Attacks!!!

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Good evening </dracula>,

Tonight, for one night only, you can play Mutant Blobs Attack at the opening night of the inaugural Toronto After Darkcade at Pauper’s Pub as a part of the Toronto After Dark Film Fest! Conveniently located across the street from The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, you can join other sci-fi/horror/monster movie fans and filmmakers at the festival’s first of many pub nights this Hallowe’en season. The festivities start at 6:45pm with the screening of Grabbers and then American Mary. After the films, starting at 11:30 pm, the Darkcade gets underway on the second floor of the bar.

And we’re not the only game being shown tonight. You can also check out Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime by Matt Hammill and Jamie Tucker. The Darkcade takes place every night of the festival and will showcase two amazing games each night from indie developers. See all the selections here!

We’ve got Mutant Blob on tap.

We would like to thank the people at Toronto After Darkcade, especially Alex Bethke, for putting this all together and including Mutant Blobs Attack! We’re excited to be a part of it, and hope to see you there!