Q: I bought the game but can only access the Demo. How do I unlock the full game?

A: Go into the PS Store. Scroll down to the ‘View Downloads’ menu. Download the 5.9 KB Mutant Blobs Attack unlock key. The full game should run after it installs.

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Mutant Blobs Attack can be played using just a controller. How do you set this up?

My controller doesn’t work properly.
If it’s an XBOX or XInput-compatible controller, it should just work.

How do I get my Playstation 3 / PS3 controller to work?

Mutant Blobs fully supports the PS3 controller. However, you need to use MotionInJoy [www.motioninjoy.com] to get Windows to see the PS3 controller first. It’s free and popular. If it works for you, consider donating.

How do I get my Logitech controllers to work?

Some Logitech controllers have a switch [www.logitech.com] that makes the controller XInput compatible. Otherwise, read the answer to the next question.

Does Mutant Blobs Attack! support arcade sticks?

Assuming it’s compatible with the game (XInput, or techniques discussed below) the big question is how many buttons you have on your arcade stick. Movement should work great with the joystick, but you’ll need SIX buttons close together: jump, attack, special attack, grab, dodge and dimension swap – since later levels require you to switch quickly between these. A street fighter button setup (2 rows of 3 buttons) should cover this. You’ll also need a button for pollo power (turns you into a chicken) and map. While you use these often, they’re not part of tricky combos.

My controller still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

1. Use X360ce to convert your DirectInput controller into XInput. While we haven’t tested this, my understanding is you need to copy files to your Steam Guacamelee folder found here “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MutantBlobsAttack”. If you have any success with this (as many people have with other games), we would truly appreciate you posting your steps in this dicussion forum.

2. Use joy2key[www.electracode.com] to map your controller joystick & buttons to keyboard keys.
This is surprisingly easy to do. You may need to disable the controllers so you don’t get double input (Options > Assign Controllers: Place all controllers in the middle). If you have an N64 controller, this is likely your solution.

3. If your gamepad isn’t working with X360ce, just rename xinput1_3.dll into xinput9_1_0.dll . That should help.