Awards & Special Recognition:


  • The A.V. Club — “A delightful comic revenge fantasy of epic proportions.” — A
  • Playstation: The Official Magazine (US) — “Yet for a mere $8, we highly recommend this all-you-can-eat buffet of awesome.” — 90
  • TotalPlayStation — “A great refinement to the first game and great at using the Vita features without being an impediment or feeling forced, Mutant Blobs Attack is the best value on the Vita right now, and a must-buy for most owners.” — 90
  • Push Square — “Mutant Blobs Attack is one of those games that absolutely hooks you from the moment you begin playing it and doesn’t let go until the credits roll.” — 90
  • IGN — “Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack stole my heart. It’s visually delicious, the cutscenes ooze with humor, and the actual gameplay feels perfectly balanced.” — 9/10, Editor’s Choice
  • Kotaku — “It’ll creep up on you like a slinking clump of flesh-eating goo” — YES
  • Polygon — “… doubly impressive for a title that asks only eight bucks in exchange” — 9/10
  • Globe and Mail — “the secret ingredient that transforms this terrific little romp into a true delight is its offbeat wit” — 8.5/10