Nobody Saves the World - Frozen Hearth DLC is AVAILABLE NOW!

Nobody Saves the World is adding even more form changing, quest completing wizardry with the all new Frozen Hearth DLC! Challenging gameplay awaits those that enter the frigid core where a mysterious festival promises riches, fame and all new forms to play with!

Put the pedal to the medal! Get Nobody Saves the World - Frozen Hearth DLC for $4.99 USD,OUT NOW:

New Forms and Abilities!

Introducing the Mechanic and the Killer Bee! Don’t let the Mechanic’s wizened looks fool you, they’ve got a couple of gadgets up their sleeve that are sure to make you rethink any familiar strategies. And small but deadly, the Killer Bee zips around the map striking with devastating precision and fistfuls of empowering honeycombs! 

Mix and match these new abilities with those from all the other forms you already know and love, unlocking even more game-breaking combos!

A Contest of Champions

Take a break from saving the world to compete in “The Tempering,” a colosseum full of specially designed challenges. Completing challenges is the key to unlocking powerful new forms and abilities! Can you conquer the colosseum and claim the title of the “True Being”!?

The Frozen Hearth

Travel to the frigidly molten depths of the world. Defeat new enemies and make new friends in this new region located in the planet’s core! I hear that a disgruntled citizen or two might have made their own challenges to better test the quality of a champion… some kind of… small? …golf??

The Whole Package

Save the world with no compromises by getting the base game AND the Frozen Hearth DLC in the Nobody Saves the World Complete Bundle, which comes with a 15% discount! Perfect for anyone new to saving worlds.Available now on all platforms!

Thanks for all your support for Nobody Saves the World, we hope you enjoy this new DLC!

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